Mississippi farm raised oysters
Mississippi oysters
Mississippi farm raised oysters
Mississippi farmed oysters

Mississippi Farm Raised Oysters (Shipping Included)

Our signature oysters grown right here in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Magnolia Keys are the premier Mississippi farm raised oyster.

Oysters are harvested to order and shipped UPS next day ground. Oysters are shipped on Mondays and Thursdays of each week.  If you would like your order to arrive on a specific date, reach out and we can arrange that for you. 

How we do it: We start every oyster from the beginning. We spawn, set, and grow our oysters all in house.  This means we can keep quality and consistency throughout the whole process, a true start to finish. We begin by spawning our hand selected broodstock, each spring through fall, to create seed which is moved to our nursery operation for around a 3 month grow cycle. Once the oysters are large enough to move out of our upweller system, usually around 6 mm, they take the 5 mile journey out into the Mississippi Sound. Here they will be grown in a combination of cages and floating bags until they are ready to be harvested and shipped out.  It doesn't get anymore farm to table than that. 

Description: What makes our Mississippi farm raised oysters so unique is that the flavor profile changes with the seasons. This is due to the oysters food source at the surface.  The winter months bring undertones of cream with a hint of walnut and summer harvests can range from vegetal accents to a punch of melon. The average salinty is around 19ppt so the flavors can really stand out.  Coming in at  2.5"- 2.75" these medium sized oysters are sure to be a crowd favorite.